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Program updates not automatic - confusing users

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I support many users who use Malwarebytes. There seems to be program (not just definition) updates routinely. Is there a way to have it automatically install and only prompt for a reboot (which the user can do when ready)?

Having to constantly support users in walking through installations - especially when it should be automatic - is creating a support headache that never ends. No other anti-spyware or anti-virus I have supported constantly requires the user to manually install their own updates.

The autoupdate features are set and work for definitions automatically. The autoupdate settings imply install program updates automatically, but it apparently does not affect program updates.

Any help is appreciated!

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Can you please show me which AV program updates the actual program without asking or alerting the user? I certainly have not used all of them but I have used quite a few over the past 20 years and I'm not aware of any of them that update the program without asking.

Some of the most recent versions I have such as Symantec Internet Security 2011 on one of my systems and it told me there was an updated 2012 but it did not automatically update the program. I also have Kaspersky 2011 and it did not automatically update to 2012 either.

You can set the program to not automatically download the program if you like but only alert when an update is available or set it so that it does neither and when ready manually do an update.

Even most non security applications do not automatically update the program versions without asking the user for permission and normally it's interactively done as well.

We are actually looking at allowing this feature at least for the corporate version but personally I'm not too keen on the idea myself (don't like losing version control and knowing why all of a sudden application x is having an issue). Having a security program update the actual program without asking you removes a lot of control and if something goes wrong it has the potential to do it to a lot of machines at one time.

But, typically a program update is downloaded already and the user alerted and all they need to do is click OK and it will install the update and ask to reboot.

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Thank you for the reply. Other programs such as NOD32 do update the program elements automatically short of entire versions. Maybe the logic of the micro-program (subversions) updates with Malwarebytes should be automatic and let the very occasional entire program version number updates be manual would be the solution. To compare apples to apples, I am talking about (and should have clarified) the subversion updates. We need them to be automated as with the other security programs like the before-mentioned NOD32. It sounds like this is not possible from you reply. Major program updates may only occur one to three times a year with security software. Malwarebytes is requiring manual updates (what appears to be) at least monthly if not more often....probably because of requiring manual updating during each subversion...?

Thank you again for your reply. We will have to work with it as is or change products.

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I think you may be talking about the database rules. Those are and should be automatically updated for the user. We update those on average about 4 times or more per day every day. Those are the only two items we update. Database rules and the actual program itself.

If your rules are not being automatically updated then you probably need to check and verify you have the updates scheduled inside the program and also make sure that the users Anti-Virus has any required exclusions setup and their Firewall allows our program to access the Internet to obtain updates.

A little bit older of a video but still same idea is shown for scheduling updates.

There is also a FAQ with common issues listed here


Please let me know if you need more specific support or details on this as the database rules should be updating automatically without user input and silently (unless you enable the alert balloon for updates).


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I appreciate the additional reply. But as I have stated, this is not related to definition updates (database updates). One user documented that she had to install and reboot for "program" update three times since the first of the year. As also mentioned before, I understand from your reply that there is no solution to this issue currently. We will have to get used to it or change software.

Thank you again, and this issue is now closed unless a new feature is found to be released that addresses this issue.

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