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Black Screen after Malwarebytes Paid Version Install

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I have a Sony VAIO laptop (model PCG-8141L) that runs on 64-Bit Vista. Yesterday I decided to purchase the paid version of MalwareBytes. Right after I installed it, however, my computer started logging off mode and then it abrubtly shut down.

Since then whenever I try to start my laptop I only see a quick "VAIO" splash screen and then a blinking underscore cursor in the upper left corner.

I tried uplugging the laptop, removing the battery pack, starting without the pack, and holding the "on" button for 30 seconds until the computor shut off.


  • F2 WILL get into BIOS.
  • F10 automatically leads to the VAIO System Recovery Utility.
  • Nothing happens with F8.

I did somehow manage to get to the screen with the Safe Mode option (via F10). I tried Safe Mode but it went straight to the System Recovery Utility. I also tried the "start windows normally" option. This too went to the Recovery utility. Now, however, and can't work through F10 at all and it goes to the recovery utility every time.

After reading a few possible solutions online I went to the Boot tab in BIOS and switched the order from optical disk boot, hard drive boot, and external disk boot (put in empty USB flashdrive in to see if there would be any changes would occur). However, nothing new happened.

If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.


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