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newcomer curiosity

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Hallo All,

As of today I have registered with Malwarebytes, because from the trial scan it managed to get me rid of 2 Trojan horses I had picked up by trying to download and install MKV Player.

So be cautious of this application.

My curiosity is to find out if the amount I paid i.e 24.95 USD are giving me the right to use this programme for one year from now i.e. 12.2.2013 because its is nowhere mentioned.

suggest you take this observation into account .

Thanks a lot.


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Hello and welcome to MBAM, altkon:

Glad MBAM helped to clean your system successfully. :)

It is a great product with great support (speaking as just another home user unaffiliated with the company).

The investment in the PRO version, with its real-time protection and added features, was a sound one.

Good news!

Your consumer license is valid for the LIFETIME of the product.

It is also transferrable (should you ever need to "move" your MBAM to another computer).

However, it is valid ONLY for one computer at a time -- IOW the license ID and key may only be used on 1 computer.

It's a good idea -- just in case -- to print out the confirmation email from the reseller, Cleverbridge, if you purchased online.

That way, if you ever need to reinstall MBAM and reactivate the PRO version, you'll have your license ID and key handy. (These are needed to register the PRO version of MBAM.)



PS If you would like some tips for using the scheduler for automated updates and scans, please refer to the FAQ - Section O for help with the scheduler. A typical "schedule" many of us use is HOURLY updates (with a flash scan) and DAILY Quick Scans (FULL scans are not necessary on a routine basis). Let us know if you need additional assistance.

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