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Is my graphics card messed up?


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Ok... So I bought Elder scrolls Skyrim yesterday. The download went fine but when I tried to play it, I had a little problem. Normally when I have problems with my computer I ask a friend but he has never seen this before and told me to try asking here. I recorded via fraps what went wrong and posted it on youtube to better show the problem.

I have all the system requirements for Skyrim.

I play many games on the computer and only had this problem with one other game which I just assumed the game was messed up.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it stayed the same.


On the video I show the cursor moves fine there is just a slight problem with the screen. It also pauses fine as well.

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anyone else have an idea on whats causing this ( im the friend who told him to ask here since you guys are so good with computer related issues)

iv had him update his graphics card

and he meets the requirements so im not sure what the issue is exactly ( we live far apart and with out actually looking at the machine i cant be of much help)

i actually wonder if it might be a virus

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Updating his Graphics Card drivers is a good idea as if there are display problems it could be how the GPU is being used by the game and how the OS drivers interact with the OS.

I doubt it is a virus or a trojan. Except for displaying specific content, modifying a game's video display is not a part of malware payload. Malware *may* have malicious intent and corrupt a display just because they can but, it would be a general video problem seen using multiple applications and not something as specific as seen here. This is something that is most likely a problem in how the game interacts with the hardware and software. That's why the first line of support is the game vendor. They may know of incompatibility issues between the graphics card vendor and their game.

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