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Possible False Positive - Games.exe


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MBAM PRO v. (database v2012.02.02.08) quarantined a file on 02-Feb-2012 at C:\ProgramData\games.exe that I believe is a false positive. The zipped file, as well as a log file from a Quick Scan run in developers mode, is attached.

This file is a Macromedia Flash application and has been on my hard drive since 09-Mar-2011. I installed both WinRAR 4.00 and HP QuickPlay 3.7.7508 on that same date, so I suspect it was part of the HP QuickPlay installation.

A previous on-demand Quick Scan two days ago (31-Jan-2012) with database v. v2012.01.31.09 did not flag games.exe as a potential threat.

I also have Norton Internet Security 2011 v. running in real-time protection mode and NIS Quick Scans have not flagged this file as a threat. My MBAM PRO real-time protection is currently disabled but I have a MBAM Quick Scan scheduled to run daily.

mbam-log-2012-02-02 (18-25-07).txt


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Further to my post of 02-Feb-2012, MBAM v. (database v2012.03.13.06) has again incorrectly detected games.exe (C:\ProgramData\games.exe) as a potential threat (this time as Backdoor.Messa).

The games.exe file was quarantined and deleted this time, but a zipped copy of the file is still attached to my post of 02-Feb-2012. Today's log file from my MBAM Quick Scan of 13-Mar-2012 is attached here.

mbam-log-2012-03-13 (20-20-34).txt

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