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I can not thank you guys enough


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Being a computer addict I love surf and downloading games.

And every now and thane i get a hasty virus

i have had micro av a nasty little[HUGE] virus that ruined everything\

but lucky i stumbled upon your program and it worked wonders!

another time i got a search link hijacker, so i tried nod32 norton kis whatever you can name it.

thane i remembered my trusty malware bytes i did a quick scan (13mins) restarted my computer and bam fixed

another time i was looking to buy tickets to wonderland but didnt want a key logger to get my info so i turned malware bytes on and did a scan and u found 56 TRJOANS

I was so relived I trusted you guys.

And just today my explorer.exe was acting hey-wire and if i started any av i get bsod

so i turned on malware bytes did a scan fixed it restarted and i was good.

I just love you guys :3

I will buying this amazing product, not to use it but to support you

I like you free version better.

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Greetings and welcome.

I'm glad the software helped you out. Since you're purchasing the software anyway and considering your unfortunate history of infections, I would highly recommend turning the realtime protection component on so it will block the nasties before they can do any damage. There's an old saying: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." I would also recommend installing a good antivirus like Avira (which offers a totally free version) and a good free firewall like Comodo (just be sure not to use the Defense+ component as it will conflict with your antivirus).

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