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We've currently got the entire /23 blocked due to malicious content and no response from the AS owner (though you're no doubt not surprised about this, given some of your customers).

Though I am curious about your move from the .net to the .com (other than to hide your WhoIs, which courtesy of caching, is still available).

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You sure that's all it is? I've got DNS records that say otherwise (e.g. everything suddenly switching from your .net to the .com, and new ones only turning up on the .com (e.g. a trojan and phish this morning, where previously they only turned up on the .net, and of course, the sudden switch from a public WhoIs to a hidden one, hiding the previous traces to peer.id.au, adam.com.au etc - oh and of course, extrohosting.net no longer resolving - kinda says it all really)

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You may have not been able to contact the email on the .net domain due to him going to university.

Shouldn't be running a hosting company if he can't both reply to abuse reports, or keep track of what his clients are doing (his host failed to respond too, which is one of the reasons the block was placed).

Fact is, until there is a drastic reduction in abuse across the range, the block will not be getting removed - the AS owners were given plenty of opportunities, and they squandered them - choosing instead to simply disable their abuse address entirely (not the brightest idea as it proves beyond doubt, that they're supporting it)

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Well there is clearly something wrong with you system, I'm the holder of the .net domain, and I haven't received ANY emails from malwarebytes or anything related to any abuse report other than a few from a completely different datacenter form an old botnet attack 4 months ago. the email is on a Google Apps account so it shouldn't have been spamfiltered.

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