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It seems that Malwarebytes continuously finds exceptions with azareus.exe and blocks connections to 'malicious websites.' I cannot say if this is actually causing any performance problems, but it is annoying to see continuously see these warning pop-ups.

I asked about this on the Vuse forums and the feeling was that was nothing dangerous to block. They also pointed out that Malwarebyes does not seem to have any mechanism to create an exception for a specific application and suggested I post in the Malwarebtyes forum for assistence.

Does anyone have any experience with Malwarebytes and bit-torrent applications such as Vuse or FrostWire?

Cheers, Eric

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Hello and welcome to MBAM, kolotyluk:

IP blocks can indicate that MBAM is doing its job of blocking bad content on websites.

They can also occur when running certain P2P and other programs, such as torrents and Skype.

However, they can also be a sign of infection, especially if the blocks are outgoing and they occur when no browsers are open.

There is more information about the IP blocking module in the FAQ - Section G.

It includes instructions on how to set MBAM to ignore a particular IP, if you wish to do so.

Also, you might find this recent post by Trusted Advisor Firefox to be helpful explaining how to manage MBAM's IP blocking when using torrent software.



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