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Windows 7 Gif Viewer file False Positives


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blase of god upen you all

hello everyone

its file part of programm (( Windows 7 Gif Viewer )) i think you kown it

its but this file in drive c: in the main root


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware updated today the result of scan


virus total result


the file is clean am sure

you can test it i attched it

zip.gif rundll32.rar 11.84K 0 downloads

see around

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As there should never be a file named that in that location this detection is correct.

Its a heurisitic that detects out of place valid reserve names of operating system files.

Rename it to something else that isnt a valid windows file name and it should no longer hit.

shadow thank for your respond

i am proffisinal user deals with others problem as an expert

and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is one of my best issue to deal with alot of underground things as servers .....etc

but when i get the report of search i find it delet the file for the users (( if you delet the file or rename it the gif pic will not work ))

i dont know if you have other programm more trust for user in win 7 to open gif pic or you can find slove for this file

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  • Staff

C:\rundll32.exe is not the correct location for the file. Windows does not install this file there.

The correct location for the file installed by windows is c:\windows\system32\rundll32.exe

That is why it is being detected. Cause is not in the correct location.

This file is rundll32.exe which is to run a dll as an exe more or less. The picture viewer uses it along with other programs.

See here:


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