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Guest Destiny

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Guest Destiny

Hi guys,

My problem is that my pc hangs after 1-2 hours,it happens like when the computer hangs for the first time it hangs for around 2 minutes and then after that it hangs completely and i am forced to reboot my computer. Recently i changed my PSU because i had a doubt of overheating.But it worked for just a few days (4-5 days) and now i am facing this problem again.This is the first time i have come across this problem sad.gif



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a little more information is needed .

make/model of machine

the replacement supply you installed .

are you running a bunch of hardware that would present a considerable load to the power supply

have you cleaned out the machine ... it sounds like you may have airflow issues , especially with the cpu cooler .

two copies of XP ? explain further .

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Guest Destiny


thanks for the response

make/model of machine:- i have an assembled machine with Intel Pentium 4 dual cpu E2140 with processing capacity of 1.6 Ghz and ram of 2.49 GB

are you running a bunch of hardware that would present a considerable load to the power supply:- No, no new hardware added

have you cleaned out the machine:-Yes, i have cleaned the machine with vacuum cleaner few days back.Looks like i have to check my cpu cooler also.

two copies of XP :-Actually bymistake i had reinstalled a copy of xp without removing the existing copy of windows XP, so both of them are shown at the boot time and i have to select either of them.


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what MB are you using ?

what RAM ?

what model of PSU ?

yep ... check the cpu cooler ... pull it ... clean up both mating surfaces and re-goop .

pull and re-seat the RAM .

you might have a bad stick of ram ... pulling all but one stick and testing is a way to find the (possibly) bad stick .

the fact that you mentioned that after changing the psu it ran ok for a few days and then went back to it's old habits says a couple of things :

mechanical torquing of components/connectors temporarily "fixed" a bad connection

the new power supply was ok but now is going bad (yeah , it has been known to happen) .

have you checked closely for bad caps on the MB ?

a failing HD ... what does the SMART data indicate ?

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