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PUP infection

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Today, while surfing the net I had internet explorer freeze on me a couple times. Then while looking for the cause I notice that my system's heat was running higher than it normally does for surfing. Checking task manager showed 2 instances of Avast running, one using a constant 25% CPU, I tried shutting this down but it would not. So I performed a restart, when the system restarted Avast was disabled and could not me restarted (said the shield was unavailable)

So I figured something was wrong I immeadiatly attempted to restart to safe mode, even though i was spam clicking F8 it would not start in safe mode, only by physically turing the system off and starting it could I get it into safe mode. once in safe mode i updated Malwarebytes and ran a full scan comming up with 11 items, and a ton of items needing to be clicked for removal, all were PUP.rewardsarcade. I clicked thru them all and remove selected, saved the log and restarted, again tried to go to safemode, again it ignored and went with normal startup. Where shall i go from here?


I have run an ESET online scan and it came up clean, I also have run several Malwarebytes scans and they come up clean. However my Avast is still not working, still say Shield is unavailable, so i downloaded the uninstall utility for Avast and ran it, rebooted and redownloaded Avast, installed, still not working, same error, but now there is an added thing, it will not accept my License file, and when I try to just register it for the free version it says "the AAVM has detected an RPC error" So I have enabled the windows security essentials so that I am not totally unprotected but I really need some help soon as I do my classwork on this computer and am afraid to use it as is.

mbam-log-2012-01-25 (13-59-45).txt



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Hi and welcome to Malwarebytes.

In the future, please post all logs directly into your reply instead of attaching them unless otherwise indicated. With that said, please update MBAM, run a Quick Scan, and post its log.

Next, run DDS again and post DDS.txt directly in your reply.

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