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NTLDR is Missing Press ctrl+alt+del to restart


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No you don't have to know that, but it does help at times.

Does this system have a built-in diskette drive or not? I imagine it does have a CD drive, right?

What is the manufacturer brand?

Do you recall what went on just before you got this "black screen"? Or the day before ?

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there is no built in diskette drive. just a built in cd drive. the computer is Dell latitude D610 and the day before this problem i was having a bcm1xsup.dll error problem that i thought i solved because the error pop up stopped appearing. and i did a malware scan before i went to bed.when i woke up it said there were no threats so i shut off the computer. but when i got back in the evening i got the black screen and the NTLDR is missing Press ctrl+alt+del to restart.

I also see a bunch of solutions for this but i have alot of trouble doing them on my own. one says to run a windows xp repair with the cd but at some point it says to enter my administrator password and i dont have a password for it. so i really dont know what to do right now

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Just for background, what "malware scan" did you run?

Where did you see a writeup on xp repair?

If you can only just managed to boot the system off the Windows XP CD, the better option is to get into the Recovery Console of XP.

See if you can manage this:

  1. Place Windows XP CD-ROM into the CD drive, and then restart the computer.
  2. You may better yet, power off the pc for a minute, the Power on
  3. With luck, it may well boot off the CD
    If it does, Click to select any options that are required to start the computer from the CD drive if you are prompted.
  4. When the "Welcome to Setup" screen appears, press R to start the Recovery Console.
  5. When you are prompted, type the Administrator password. If the administrator password is blank, just press ENTER.
  6. and then keep it there, and report back here
  7. The XP Recovery Console is the best first place to start trying to cure this situation.

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okay i was using something called MalwareBytes antivirus or somthing. i cant realy remember the full name but all i know is it did about a 4 hour scan and found no threats. and 2 I saw the write up on many differents sites that all mostly say to use windows repair. third i have been doing just as you said but cant get passed the administration password. I am the only one who uses this computer so i dont think i have a password. normaly as i get to my desktop screen im already signed on as administrator. I am at the administrator part right now.

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Neither I or the forum can help you since this system has crack software & specifically cracked version of Windows.

ref http://forums.malwar...ic=105073&st=20

I regratably only just a while ago noticed that.

Forum policy

We will not be party to obvious use of key gens, cracks, warez or other illegal means of downloading software, music, videos ect. This means no P2P evidence will be supported. Logs that show these in them, will given the option to remove the P2P items. Keygens, cracks, warez and similar will have the thread closed period. It's theft and against the law.

This topic is closed.

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