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Iexplore issue, not sure if its infection


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Shortly after upgrading to IE8 my system seems to slow down for a moment and then it runs ok.

I'll try to open a new window and it takes minutes to open.

I looked at Task Manager and then Processes. There are 4 lines of Iexplore listed.

Then under Performance the CPU Usage is regularly spiking to 100%.

I've run MBAM and there are 0 issues.

Anyone have a suggestion?


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Close down all instances of IE, then click on Start, Run and type in:

iexplore.exe -extoff

That will start IE without add-ons. Any substantial difference? If so, restart IE normally and go to Tools, Manage Add-ons. You may well find something in there that's dragging IE down. Try disabling add-ons one at a time to find the culprit.

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Sorry I made a mistake.

This is a Vista machine. XP is on the other laptop I have and not sure how I got it confused.

There was some difference.

I disabled every add-on and IE seemed to use less memory.

CPU usage under Performace was less.

I went into MSconfig and disabled a few background programs that were running.

Rebooted and there was still some spiking on the CPU usage hx chart.

Tried it with and wthout ZA turned on.

Not much of a difference either way.

the CPU USage history goes from 4 to 60 on its own when I am not doing anyhting.

If I open IE it'll spike to 90 and then settle down after its open.

So overall the

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"Core 2 Duo CPU T5450 1.67GHz

and 3G RAM"

you did not mention the speed of your ram .

hmmm ...

i can sort of see why things are a little slow at times .

unless you have things pared down as thin as possible , it will be a bit on the slow side ... at least these are my findings in general .

personally speaking , i used to like ZA about 8 years ago and then they screwed up .

you could try uninstalling ZA and then do an uninstall and reinstallation of MSSE ... use the windows firewall .

you may have to compromise the settings in MSSE a bit .

yeah , it is nice to check everything seven ways to sunday ... but ... it takes horsepower to do this .

and "anti" programs in general have become bigger and more cpu hungry ... it takes time to check things if it's a big list you're comparing against .

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Entirely possible that ZA is causing an issue here; just don't understand why it wouldn't with IE7. That's why I wanted to check it against Chrome. I recall something about a certain update applied to IE7 that would cause trouble with IE8 in an upgrade scenario, but I've yet to dig it up.

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Chrome was installed and there was no difference.

There is spiking of the CPU usage when no browser is open and ZA is on.

Just noticed that after ZA was turned off and MSSE is on tand IE is open that there is less spiking.

The end of that cut-off post was supposed to be deleted.

I'm not sure where to find the RAM speed.

Is MSSE a satisfactory firewall? I thought it was lacking and thats why I went to ZA.

Is this the page to download it? http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/products/security-essentials

My Windows Security Center shows the only anti-virus I have is via ZA.

But the above site shows MSSE as having anti-virus.

Just wanted to double check before I go and download it.


Btw, email notifications for this thread are not working for some reason.

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I'll chime in with CWB and say you may well have found your culprit. Keep Chrome and consider using it as your default browser (CWB will probably make the case for FF here) and install the Adblock extension.

MSE doesn't add a firewall, as far as I know; you're just using the regular Windows firewall. Looks like you got the right link for it there.

ZA gives you an outbound firewall, but I've found it to be troublesome in the past. Good time to uninstall it and try running with just the Windows firewall (no outbound protection though). If all goes well, perhaps look in to Online Armor free if you feel better with an outbound firewall. Upside is that outbound may let you know that you have an infection that slipped under your AV's radar. Downside is it's extra software that may cause mystery problems on your system.

MSE and MBAM Pro are a good combo, or Avira and MBAM Pro. Worth the one time charge of $25 for the extra protection. I've been to a number of sites that MBAM threw a block on, probably from infected ads on the side of the page. These can be on ANY website that use "Ad networks", even MSN. Google:

bleepingcomputer Antivirus 2012 outbreak

to see the troubles some are running in to from "malvertising".

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I'm posting from my phone.

I had downloaded the latest security updates for windows defender and now I can't get on the web.

It keeps telling me there is an issue with my network adaptor.

I'm connected but with little connectivity or something like that.

Will find another computer where I can download the Realtek driver.

Tried a previous restore point to undo the download but it didn't help.

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Thank you for hanging in there with me. :)

I'm back on line with the affected laptop.

Windows Defender had nothing in the quarantine window and a scan came up nothing.

I uninstalled and reinstalled two network devices and that didn't work.

Then I went to an earlier restore point from several day ago and that worked to get back online.

When I looked at the updates and downloaded them, I think a regular windows update also happened.

Its starting to all run together so I'm think that that was the cause, not the windows defender update.

Maybe I just need to get rid of this vista system...

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Hmmm... Perhaps ZA interfered somehow. It's not unknown.

How do you feel about my previous suggestion wrt uninstalling ZA?

You may find that the old lappy is OK, once you get it tuned up and configured right. Sure it's never going to be a barnburner, but....

You might also want to download SpeedFan and use the SMART tab to see if there's a problem with the drive. That can certainly lead to slowness and weird problems. No sense in making a lot of corrections till you know the drive is in good working order.

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