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possibly new version of vundo?


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I pulled my hair out for hours trying to rid my helpers computer of a virus she had on it......and i had used malwarebytes to remove a vundo virus from my pc once...and i was impressed by it.......but this virus wouldnt let me get to any website .....if you typed malwarebytes into a search and pressed enter the web browser closed up........and that was the same result for any mcaffee website or highjack this from micro trend.......i manged to get the computer up an running and got everthing out of the startup but it took ssome doing.....but it still had the crashing problem with the web browser......and i tried 3 different browsers.....i mean this isnt something that would show up in the windows hosts file either i checked.....i did manage to use a proxy server to get to cnet and download the malwarebytes but it just crashed also and wouldnt complete the download........i tried burning the program from my pc on a cd and it wouldnt work either.....unfortunately i dont have the pc anymore to give more specifics........but it had spyware 2008 on it it also had an eredifix.dll that could be spelled wrong im sorry......but it frustrated me so badly i was wondering if this is something new and where its hiding ?

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