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A big thank you!

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I want to thank you guys! I have been tearing my hair out at this stupid malware I got. And I smacking myself in the head because I stupidly started to download a program that I should have known would be infected. I canceled it, but it was too late. Then I started noticing that whenever I clicked on links in Google, it would bring me ad pages.

So I ran my McAfee Scan and my Webroot Spy Sweeper, and they seemed to get rid of it, but it came back. I installed Avira and ad-aware, same thing. I backed up my files and worried about whether I would have to reinstall Windows.

I posted my HijackThis log on a forum, but no one had answered me so far, so I was worried about how long it would take. McAfee would fix my system for $99 but I really didn't want to do that, nor did I want to reinstall Windows or call Dell for help.

I tried to install Spybot Search & Destroy, but it would not update. I'd had the same problem updating McAfee, but they helped me manually update it. Later I realized I couldn't update Webroot Spy Sweeper, either. Spyboy would not install at all since it couldn't update. When I went to their site, it said it was not found, so I thought it was down. Someone suggested MalwareBytes, but that site was down, too. Then I realized that was no coincidence and the malware was blocking these sites and the updates. Duh.

It also kept me from going to Windows update and replaced my home page with Google.

So today I had a friend of mine download MalwareBytes and put it up on her site for me to download. Thankfully, I was able to install it and it updated ok, too. It ran and removed the junk. When I rebooted, I got the blue screen of death. But after that it rebooted fine, and so far, so good. the malware seems to be gone.

So I am jumping for joy (although cautiously since I had thought it was gone before, too, and it came back), and thank you profusely for your great program!!! Thanks!!! I will recommend it to everyone!

Suzanne Lanoue

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Several months ago, my least used computer became infected big time--Trojans, viruses, you name it.

I posted a plea on DSL Reports and several members came to the rescue. It was suggested that I download and install Malwarebytes. I had never even heard of it before. Long story short- it cleaned my computer fine. I was prepared to reinstall XP which I dread having to do.

I want to buy Malwarebytes but since I have several computers, I have to decide which one to install it on. Can't afford to buy a copy for every one.

I love the program and wouldn't be without it.

This forum is great also.


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