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MSE Exclude mbampt

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I have used Malwarebytes free version for years and decided to purchase the pay pro version. I am using Microsoft Security Essentials and followed the instructions under this forums common questions to exclude processes for Malwarebytes. It showed to exclude mbam,mbamgui, and mbamservice. But when doing this I noticed two other items that it did not say to exclude. The first was shown in the common questions, unins000, so I guess I am suppose to leave this alone but just for fun what is it? The second was not shown in the common questions, mbampt, what about this one, what is it and does it need to be excluded from MSE? If it matters this computer is a vista. Thank you slybo

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No one knows what mbampt is? Or if it needs to be in the Microsoft Security Essentials Excluded Processes? I did a google search but found nothing. How about the moderators? Everything is working fine but would just like to know, please. Thanks slybo, also unins000 if you know.

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Hi -

Both of these items are available with a quick Google search, and return the bekow results -

mbampt.exe process Information

File Name: mbampt.exe

Process Name: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Author: Malwarebytes Corporation

Part Of: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

File Size: 39496

File Version:

File Path: E:\Program Files\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\

Related to unins000.exe?

unins000.exe is a popular process name relating to many Un-installation Services which is run when the un-installation of a product is required. Related to the Inno installation service. This program is a non-essential process, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems.

Thank You -

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Hi noknojon Thanks for the reply. I did find that about the mbampt but that does not tell me what it does, which I only need to know because I am curious and most important if I should exclude it in MSE. So what do you know about the exclude part? I can see with what you told me about unins000 that it would not be something to worry about putting in the exclude items. I did find another web site that showed the only items to exclude were the ones I have already done so I guess I am worried about nothing but if you could tell me more about mbampt as in the information about unins000 it would be nice. Thanks again, slybo

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Will, http://forums.malwar...howtopic=108584

still neither here nor there, no one was able to tell what the function of mbampt.exe and what will happen if we deleted it

You should never delete a file that a program installs if it is still installed(deleting a file that is leftover from a previous installed program is usually fine) as doing so could open a whole range of issues such as program does not function or function properly and constant crashing or freezing of your computer. Security software is a more serious problem considering most products run in kernel mode or with very high privileges. This could make your computer highly unstable and difficult to resolve considering many unknown issues could occur.

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Just FYI, currently no exclusions are actually required for Malwarebytes Anti-Malware in Microsoft Security Essentials. I myself have MSE installed right now alongside MBAM, and while I do have some exclusions set (the ones outlined in our FAQ), I do not have mbampt.exe excluded and have never had any problems arise because of that.

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Thanks for that info exile360, I usually only exclude the exe files with any antivirus software as a proactive approach to avoid any possible conflicts is all.....

Right, as do I, I just wanted to make everyone aware of the fact that currently there are 0 known conflicts with Microsoft Security Essentials' current versions (including the recent public beta that Microsoft released).
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