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Network64 installed itself, I don't even know what it is...


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I was looking at my restore points, and I discovered one that was created when a program called Network64 was installed.

It occured about a half hour before another restore point was created when a windows update was installed.

I did not install this program-- I don't even know what it is!!

It does not appear on my list of all programs, or programs to be uninstalled, program files, etc.

Being curious, I searched(with windows explorer), my computer, local disk, programs, etc. and found zero results.

I did a web search on it, and one of the links that came up said that it is a Trojan/backdoor and that the file(Network64.dll),

should be removed immediately!! I don't know if this is true or not.

So my questions to you are:

If a restore point was created when this program was installed, why can I not find any of the files that may be asociated

with it?

Do you know what Network64 is, and/or why would it be installed on my computer without my knowledge?

Is it malicious? It was installed half hour or so before critical windows security update...

Some info:

MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1(upgraded from Vista home premium recently)

on a HP Pavilion notebook

Running MS security essentials and Malwarebytes Pro, and am diligent about keeping everything up-to-date...

I am having some strange, yet seemingly minor issues:

Windows update is set to automatically search for, and install updates, but it doesn't-- I've been doing it manually

iTunes(a necessary evil, because I have an iPhone), settings keep changing on me

In fact, the only thing that updates automatically like it is set to, is Malwarebytes Pro-- except for one time, when the real-time protection module was disabled(not by me)

MS security essentials keeps alerting that I haven't run a scan in a while, and my computer is potentially unprotected,

even though I do scan regularly-- my scheduled scans never seem to happen though...

Thank You for your time...

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hello ...

from the information you provided and a little searching , it seems that this is indeed associated with mal/scum/hostageware .

you may be infected . others here may be able to provide more information .

however , you might want to start here :


follow the instructions to the best of your abilities and start a new thread in the HJT/malware removal section .

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