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bsod on neighbors computer


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timtarts -

Looks like an older AMD-based system. Have you looked inside the system to check for swollen capacitors? Is there a video card in the system or are you using the video built in to the motherboard? If there's a video card, you should check the caps on that too.

This sort of thing seems to occur more often with older Intel-based systems, but it happens with AMD systems too.

Go to badcaps.net and click on "How to Identify" in the left column. On the right side, there will be pictures of bad caps. Click on them to enlarge. Usually, I find that the tops of the caps are distorted (they should be flat, with a "K" or a "+" embossed on the top.

Another area of concern would be the hard disk drive. Speedfan by Alnico has a tab that will show you the SMART data on the drive. There's a button there that will take you to a web page that will tell you what the SMART report for that drive means. If you have to, hook the drive up to another system to complete the test.

All this is just to make sure the bones are good before you put a lot of time in to the system. If the hardware is failing, you're going nowhere fast.

If the system has been sitting on the floor, you might find quite a bit of dust and debris inside when open it up to inspect the caps. There are some good guides out there on the net to help you get the dust out. Just don't let the fans spin up if you used compressed air on them.

Regards -


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Good show, Fivealive.

BTW, if you download Speedfan, the actual download link can be a bit hard to find. It starts with "The latest version is" then hover your mouse over "Speedfan 4.xx". That's the link. If it just won't run on his system, you can nab an anti-static bag, pull the drive out and test it on your system (if you feel comfortable with that).

Check to see that the memory chips are properly seated too, although I would suspect the motherboard or hard drive first.

Let us know how it goes!

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actually i suspect its the power that caused this issue because i noticed that the power bar shes using flickers like its got a short in it iv told her to get rid of it but i dont know if she has or not ( havnt gotten over their yet since their at work at the moment )

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yeah true but as far as i can tell the power bar is rather new and its rare these days for those things to flicker unless theirs a short or something but i will take another look at the case

i did check it when i was first looking at it but i didnt check to deeply

the odd part though is it didnt blue screen on me once during those 4 days i was removing viruses from it then during the 2 days when i was wiping and reinstalling it ( reset it to factory with the factory image) since it was a lost cause was to badly infected to clean effectivly

but it only started spitting out blue screens after the factory reset

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Don't know if they're in this price range, but Dell has the Vostro 260 on for a good price. I steered a customer towards one of these and they seem quite happy with it. Good bang for the buck. It's a business class machine, so not much in the way of bloatware on it. Sandy Bridge architecture, so you can swap the processor out for an i3 or i5 down the road, if more speed is needed. $300/free shipping (+tax).


It has a single 2GB ram chip in it, so one open slot. No PCI slots, just PCI-E. They could nab another 4GB from Newegg or the like for about $25.

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