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MalwareBytes license

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It is good for life. On 1 system. If you ever migrate to a new pc, the license is transferable there.

The license if good for 1 system.

Congratulations on getting the best anti-malware on the market.

Please be sure to practice safe computer use, especially on the net.

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Hi and Welcome -

Always remember to refer to the FAQ area here, and this will cover most of your questions.


ISSUE: I'm changing computers. How do I Transfer my License to the new computer?

SOLUTION: Always keep a copy of your ID/KEY from the computer you wish to remove it from and you can run the following to remove it from the old computer.

1.Download and run this utility. mbam-clean.exe

2.It will ask to restart your computer (please allow it to).

3.Then reinstall MBAM From HEREon the new computer and Register it with the ID/KEY from the system you just removed it from.

Regards -

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Hey Guys,

Yesterday something weird happened with MBAM on my PC. I got a warning that the database need to be updated. When i did this i had to go through the setup again (choose language etc.) and install the new update. When this finished i then got a message that the database was 19 days old. This is weird because i manually update the program every day. How can this be and is this a know possible threat?

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EDIT: Perhaps I misunderstood your question (as Firefox has replied below with a very different answer :) ). However, if you are asking why it is you were prompted to update the DATABASE (again) after you installed the updated version of the PROGRAM, then I *think*, this explains it: :)

Once a new PROGRAM version is installed, you will be prompted to update the DATABASE (again, if you are already up-to-date with the database before you update the program).

That's because the updated program file is packaged with a version of the database that (at the time you install it) is "outdated".

PROGRAM updates only happen a few times a year, while DATABASE updates happen several times a day.

Nothing to worry about.

As of the moment, the current program version is and the database version is v2012.02.02.03.



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RomaNticus I have seen this happen, If you go and manually download the latest version from the website and install it, it will install the latest version. Then if you open Malwarebytes, it will prompt you to install again, this is because Malwarebytes had already downloaded the update file and was waiting to be installed. This is what some folks call a double install.

So long as you have the latest software installed you should be ok.

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@daledoc1 and @Firefox Thanks for the reply. I trust you guys on your word but i am still a little worried about this. I have used the program long time (free version) and never seen this before. Now with the paid version it's a little weird to see this behaviour. Can someone of the staff please check if there's anything wrong with my license ========

and if some evil hacker(s) maybe hijacked my license (if that's even possible)??

Edited by Maurice Naggar
Moderator edit
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Hi, RomaNticus:

I will send a PM to one of the forum admins, asking that they remove your sensitive information from your last post (it's a security risk).

I'm sorry, but I am just a home user and cannot verify anything related to your license information. :(

(I think the same would be true for Firefox, as he doesn't work for MBAM, either.)

That would need to be handled through the Cleverbridge reseller, if you purchased MBAM online.

The ID & key would have been in the email Cleverbridge.


If you didn't print out that email or write down the info somewhere, then you may obtain assistance with this directly from Cleverbridge:


Phone: +1-866-522-6855

Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM (CST)

Also, their contact info can be found here.

When you get the email, please print it out & keep it somewhere handy, JIC.

(And if you have multiple PCs and multiple licenses, it is helpful to record which license belongs to which machine.)

If you purchased MBAM in a box, then the license ID and key will be in there, instead.

Have you been able to install the latest version and register your MBAM, or not?

Thanks for your patience,


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@daledoc1 thanks again for the help bro. I tought you guys were working for MBAM. I would be very proud to have a forum meber like you. @Maurica Naggar thanks for the edit.

You are most welcome and thanks for the kind words! :)

I don't think she's going to like being referred to as a "bro" :P

No problem! ;)


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