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Licence for 2 computers and malwarebytes vs AV kit clarifications

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I'm new to malwarebytes and have been using your trial version for the last 2 days now and I think it works out great.

I was interested in buying the full version or whatever is the best you got out there in your line of products although I have a doubt that needs some clarification.

1.if I buy the full version will i be alowed to use it on two machines, both my desktop and my laptop?

2.Also, I don't use an AV kit per se and haven't in years, does malware do most of the job in comparison to an AV kit?In my experience and im not expert but most AV kits do an utter crap job at it, so never bothered to install one and i've been doing good so far. Although having tried malwarebytes which i believe is not an AV kit, it kinda works out for whatever issues i had in the last 2 days which was basically some sort of outgoing connections going to russia and what not and malwarebytes has been handling that quite reasonably well inspite of me having set up ipsec policies.

Thanks in advance for any clarifications.


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instead of having to deal with a zillion of them. This is all for home purposes.

Hi -

Just to fully clear things you only need 2 apps for most of your protection.

They are a running active Antivirus (Free or paid) and an Anti malware program (free is not active, just on-call, paid is active).

Active = always running / scanning in the background. On call = only scans once when you click on it.

Thank You -

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