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new install of malwarebytes (user version with active protection) locks pc after install


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I could use some help figuring why I'm having this issue. I install the latest version on an old computer (Pentium 4 CPU / 1GB RAM). After I reboot the machine it starts up and the "M" shows up in the task bar (WinXP SP3) with my desktop and I can move my mouse. However I can't click on anything to run any programs, bring up the start menu or get any sort of resonse from my desktop. When I press CTRL-ALT-DEL to get taskmgr up to see what's going on it does even recognize that either. Non-responsive. I'm stuck, I can't really do anything. Do I have to wait more than 10 minutes for Malwarebytes to initialize or something?

All I can do is shut it off and go into safe mode and uninstall Malwarebytes. Once I do that the system works fine again. If I install the latest version but DO NOT choose the install with the on-access scanner it installs and works just fine. I was hoping to update to on-access Malwarebytes from my old anti-spam. I uninstalled my old anti-spam product (counterspy) in case they were fighting each other. I've had great success with the free version that doesn't use the on-access scanning on multiple PCs and O/Ss. Are my hardware specs too low? Strange.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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Hello and welcome to MBAM, waflscan:

Sorry you are having issues with computer freezes on your WinXP system.

Until an MBAM staffer comes along, please be sure you have set the reciprocal permissions/exclusions between MBAM and your AV, as described in the FAQ Tutorials.

And, please have a look at the following 2 articles for additional info that might be helpful:

Possible Updating Issues - please follow the steps for the clean reinstall carefully and completely, as this resolves most issues.

FAQ - Section L

One of the more expert folks may ask you to run a diagnostic tool or two, in order to obtain some basic info about your computer specs & possibly conflicting software.

HTH get you started,


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