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Hello there,

yesterday I installed Malwarebytes because of a computerworm that infected my system (W32.Ramnit.E , Shortcutvirus "copytoshortcutto(1)-(4)).

I formatted format C en cleared my system, so that now no antivirusprogramm can find a threat. I think its cleared now, but I can´t be a 100% sure. Malwarebytes finds nothing.

A few minutes ago a bubble popped up saying, it blocked an outgoing IP,

I wasn´t onlinegaming (saw a similar thread here), just working on my word-document.

May that be a leftover of the worm, trying to reach outside or is it harmless?

Thanks for the help!

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Hello and welcome to MBAM, Highrise:

IP blocking can indicate that MBAM is doing its job, blocking bad content on websites.

It can also occur if you are using P2P software (Skype, etc); it can sometimes be a false positive.

But it can also be a sign of infection, especially if the blocks are outgoing and if they occur when no browsers are open.

For starters, please see this recent post for a bit of information about IP blocking and the possibility of infection.

It also contains a link to the FAQ Section G about the IP blocking module.

There are instructions on how to proceed to determine the process attempting to make the connections, to report a possible false positive, and to obtain assistance with possible malware diagnostics/removal.



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