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MBAM Pro and Norton Products

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Just wanted to say Hi to everyone first of all. Like most in here I praise MBAM. I use it daily. Best product for removing malware on this planet. I am a systems engineer by trade. I also am a fan of Norton products but not a fan of the forum mods or so called guru's. A guru is someone who has 500+ posts and think what they say is the "Word of the Lord". MBAM Pro was designed to run along side any real time av. I know this as well as others. I have ran MBAM Pro myself in combination with various av's. I recently bought NIS 2012 for very cheap off Amazon. So that is why I am using it. I do not feel the need to run MBAM Pro along side NIS but many others do. If it makes you feel more secure then by all means use it. Why not. But my point it this and this goes out to all the MBAM mods and devs................................Please will someone go over to the Norton Community and straighten them out. They are highly against running MBAM Pro along side NIS/NAV or 360. But its is mainly all these so call "guru's". I stand by your product and I know it does not interfere with other security. Look at Threatfire for example. I know it is no big deal but its like the Norton Community bashes MBAM Pro. What do you think?

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I know it is no big deal but its like the Norton Community bashes MBAM Pro. What do you think?

If you think that Norton bashes MBAM then try to solve a problem with Microsoft help forum.

The first thing you are asked to do is remove Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and SUPERAntiSpyware from your system.

This will apply even if you tell them that you are only running either / both of the Free On-demand versions.

Microsoft has had this "policy" for the last few years and tend to stick to it regardless.

Thank You for your observations -

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Guest Seagull

I noticed this myself NEWSPatsFan, I browser several different forums daily and Norton is one of them.

This is why I personally use ESET, they don't just go "Unistall MBAM it can cause problems" they will work with you to solve any issues but, they will warn that there is a possibly that conflicts can happen. The people over at ESET even recommend MBAM and SUPERAntispyware if a user thinks they are infected and ESET isn't picking up on it.

But hey, I can understand the whole conflict thing but, I also believe in a layered approach when it comes to security. That's Just my personal opinion.

Just one other thought, I personally get a little agitated when other security vendors recommend to uninstall MBAM and not using it all together because they are telling people to push such a great Anti-Malware program to side that could possibly protect there computer from what there traditional Anti-Virus has failed them and I don't want to see Malwarebytes lose business or customers.

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