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Unable to install malwarebytes Anti-Malware

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When I tried to update RogueRemover dialog box appeared: An error occured in funtion UpdateExists (2) Could Not create a handle to the update file, Please report this error to the RogueRemover team.

Could not locate the RogueRemover team, on the malwarebytes website...

Seems I am in the glue with a friends computer, not able to do any downloads of spyware, if I try the website. I can not open the malwarebytes website with the infected computer, or I can not reach Microsoft updates, or update the free AVG Antivirus. This notebook computer belongs to a friend and he suddenly had problems so he set it aside and continued to use his desktop and then called me early this morning as he needs to travel and then tried his notebook again and the "antivirus 2009" and very different webpages were the result of trying to go on line... To make matters worse, the neighbors were playing with it when at work. He thought the system was not being used. I have never run up against this problem, can not install software. Guess this system needs a good look, might someone direct me to more assistance.


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I am having the same problem here. I also cannot run Hijackthis. Additionally, when I try to boot to a cd with either Avira AntiVir Rescue System or BitDefender, my system shuts off (black scren, powered off) once the disk starts to read. As far as the internet goes, anytime I try to go to a website with a virus scan, I get the page cannot be displayed screen. Yahoo and google works, but the links do not. When I click on a link in the results, I am sent to a different site than the link. I have also tried Spybot, Spy Sweeper, Windows Defender, and AVG, but all of these programs will not run or install fresh. I also tried all of this in safe mode with the same results. I have fixed many computers in my days, but I have never seen this before. Please, any suggestions will be tried.

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