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McAafee and malwarebytes and Firefox

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I installed the latest version of McAfee suite last week. Then I updated free updated malwarebytes again which downloaded to the same place and updated to 6 mb. The circle signifying opening the program from Windows 7 comes on and just stops after I allow the malwarebytes publisher access through updated Foxfire McAfee firewall. Foxfire forum said to contact this forum. I know McAfee suite through Cox can be fickle but I understand that unscheduled scans will not interfere. I really like malwarebytes and want to be able to activate and run it properly. It seems to be the same for Internet Explorer. I had used malwarebytes over a year successfully. Any suggestions/anyone else have a similar problem?

It seems that it is hard for Foxfire/IE/malwarebytes/McAfee/Windows to remain compatible. I consider malwarebytes as essential for computers.

I do not use AVG yet.

Yes, I am a retired novice.

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I do not use AVG yet.

Hi and Welcome -

Are you switching Antivirus programs without fully uninstalling the last program ??

This can lead to conflicts between partially uninstalled programs and new programs

I have only asked this because of the way that you worded your question on a new Antivirus program.

Also there are "exclusions" that can be added to prevent problems with your A/v and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware program -

See the FAQ section linked below for most of the exclusion directions ->>


Thank You -

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