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malware maybe

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probably... no activity that i've detected

(i do occasionally get a load of returned mail i haven't sent, but there are other potential reasons for that, so didn't worry)


mbam has shut down at various points in its operation, even in safe mode, every time

sometimes won't launch at all.

chameleon manages to launch, update, launch killer, only to be shut down when we get to mbam proper.

of course there are other potential reasons for all this, tho' malware looking increasingly likely

other watch programmes haven't detected anything (AVG, spybot, windows so-called defender*) - which means mbam rules, if there's actually a problem

{* contrary to some people, i think i do remember loading this legitimately)

don't want to be infecting people, need to check it out. it's just like them diseases...



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bathfringe says

Thanks, it was indeed solved, it's just I've been rushed off my feet and didn't have time to go back and say so. Recent updates of mbam must have been smarter, anyway, they nailed something they didn't get before. That being the point of updates, of course. I have now thanked the expert involved, and I thank you too for your help in keeping the bad stuff under control.

All power to you all...

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