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network printer sharing turns off on reboot

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As title indicates, I have a system with 3 networked computers- windows 7 homegroup.

I am not sure that this is related to malwarebytes, but since I purchased the program, I find that when my system is shut down and then is turned back on, my network sharing for printers is turned off.

Is this a problem related to Malwarebytes or perhaps some other area? this homegroup has been operational for >1 year without this problem before.



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Hello and :welcome:

I have not heard of Malwarebytes causing any issue with loosing network shares. Lets try and see if we remove Malwarebytes if the problem goes away.

Please download and run MBAM-CLEAN but temporarily do not reinstall the product.


Let it reboot your computer to finish the clean removal process.

After you have removed Malwarebytes test and see if you network printers are still lost when you reboot your computer a couple of times.

Let us know.

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Well it is not Malwarebytes for a couple of reasons.

My second copy, on my laptop, maintains the file sharing, printer sharing selection on restart/reboot.

More importantly the desktop (this one) won't save the changes when i make them on the change homegroup settings page.

In fact now i don't even understand how my other computers(3 in network) even see printers attached to this one when the setting for sharing printers is turned off.

I am for what it is worth signed in as administrator.

I appreciate this is not a Malwarebytes problem- any thoughts on where to turn.

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  • Root Admin

Please see if one of the following posts can help.

Share Files and Printers between Windows 7 and XP


Enable file and printer sharing


Windows 7 - XP to 7 Printer sharing


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