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update question

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This issue reared it's head last week and was supposedly resolved, but I've got one user in support also now experiencing this.

Lets hope it gets resolved just as quickly.

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  • Root Admin

It could just be the time difference between updates on different servers. Once the update is pushed out then all 900 Servers have to get a copy of it and the caching of browsers and sites plays into it somewhat. I would just wait till tomorrow and try the update again.

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No proxy.

Didi a re-install again this morning and all is well for now.

After update if I tried to update again I would get the "you have the latest database version" message.

A few minutes ago I ran the update and got "successfully updated from 1708 to 1709".

Good for now!

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I just stopped all traffic and tried to update. That causes MBAM to display "update failed. Make sure you have a connection and MBAM has access to internet".

When I allow traffic again and click update, MBAM goes back to "the database was successfully updated from version 1711 to 1711".

Not the firewall.

But I do appreciate the help.

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Well, I finally solved this problem. MBAM can only be updated while in the admin account.

I spend most of my time online in a user account. I can update other programs in the user account,

some require typing in the admin password.

With MBAM I have to switch users and log into admin to update.

Is there any way around this?

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