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Some scans in the past two weeks have discovered the following: PUM. Hijack.Sta Category: Registry Data Item: HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr. Other Bad:(0) Good: (1)

When I tell MBAM to Ignore this item, the screen freezes up.I cannot access any of the locations at the top of the screen i.e., Logs, Scanner, etc. If I try to "X" out of the program, a sign comes up saying that a scan is in progress, but there are no indications that a scan is taking place. If I click on "Main Menu" at the lower right side of the screen,a sign comes up saying that my scan results will be lost. Sure enough, if I click on "Main Menu," there is no record of the recent scan in the "logs" file.

I usually then run another scan, which performs properly. Why does MBAM keep finding this item and then freeze up when I tell it to ignore the item? Do I have a problem here?

The MBAM version I am using is: Database Version V2012.01.06.03 Fingerprints loaded 284393

Thanks much in advance for your help.


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Hi -

Download TFC Cleaner and Save it. You can save it to Desktop, or Documents, and send a shortcut to desktop.

http://www.geekstogo.com/forum/files/download/187-tfc-temp-file-cleaner-by-oldtimer/ < Link to download.

Double click on the icon (Black Garbage can) and click start. Reboot after all Temp files are removed.

NOTE: If you are going to enter this post to Malware Removal, do not run this unless directed to by an expert there.

It just looks like a stuck Temp File to me - {{Bad:(0) Good: (1)}}

Thank You -

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Please explain what you mean about entering this post to Malware Removal. Are you saying that I should not run the TFC Cleaner unless someone else directs me to do so? Also, does the TFC Cleaner just remove the Temp files from MBAM or does it affect other parts of my computer? Sorry for the confusion, but I am a computer novice.


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