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How do I know if Vista Security 2012 is really gone?


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My really dumb family members registered for Vista Security 2012 (they paid money!) even though I tried to tell them all it was fake and a virus -___-;

I restarted the computer on safe mode with networking, downloaded and used Rkill, then scanned with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (both quick scan and full scan) in safe mode with networking. MBAM didn't find anything while in safe mode. I honestly find it too good to be true. I thought I would have to do way more than that to get rid of it, and I think the virus might still be on my PC.

So after trying all the steps above ^ I restarted the computer in normal mode. The Vista 2012 Virus is no longer visible as a little icon in the bottom right corner (where the time is also located). Also, when I type "Vista Security 2012" in the search box, I can't find anything.

I thought maybe my MBAM was outdated so I "checked for updates" but the update failed. I made sure my Windows firewall made an exception for MBAM, but the update still failed. I have no way of knowing if the Vista 2012 virus is really gone. Any suggestions?

BTW, my MBAM icon has a a tiny vista shield icon attached to it (you know, the red, green, yellow and blue crest). That can't be right, can it? o___O I don't recall the MBAM icon having that before.

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UPDATE: I found out the Vista 2012 virus was still there, and I actually managed to get rid of it today (by hiring a techie friend to do it). I couldn't see the icon in the bottom right corner, until I right-clicked the taskbar to unhide the inactive icons.

I should also mention that while I ran Rkill, it didn't actually scan anything, according to its log.

Here are some details that are probably relevant:

1) The computer I was using didn't have any official anti-virus protection. Don't judge me! :-p It's my relative's computer, not mine. I had installed MBAM on it a long time ago, but in my absence, nobody ever ran it or updated it. It's a Vista, and it had it's own firewall. It managed to stay mostly virus free for 2 years only because I ran MBAM occasionally whenever I visited. I had to uninstall MBAM today, but I'm going to reinstall it.

2) I got a techie friend to help me out today, which is the ONLY reason I was able to get rid of the virus. I don't have enough knowledge on my own to do it by myself. He checked the registry for anything suspicious, and sent them to AVG. I only installed AVG today.

I'll probably make another post later to give more detail on how he got rid of the virus, because I realize this post is not much to go on. I hope my post wasn't too confusing!

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Would you advise if you have resolved your issues or if you have sought help elsewhere?

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Anyone other than original-poster who has similar issues, do not reply here. Start your own topic.

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