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Is Malwarebytes considered a Virus Protection program?

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Hello everybody!

I have been working with malwarebytes for about a month now. Its great! It removes everything that my paid subscription to BitDefender 2009 does not. It also removed the trojans Kaspersky could not touch on my moms computer. I have one question though. How's come Windows XP Security Center does not recognize it as a "Virus Protection Solution"?

If your wondering I have 2 purcased licenses so I have the full versions. Maybe Malwarebytes is not meant to be a stand alone solution? If not, what should I implement along with it? It seemed to work well with Bitdefender without any problems. Just like anybody else I am looking for the most amazing solution in one package.

I understand Malwarebytes does not have a firewall built in, but it does have resident protection. By what I've seen it get rid of so far I don't think anything could get past the paid version with the resident protection.

Whats all of your thoughts on this?

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OK, here's a quick breakdown to answer your questions:

* Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (MBAM) is not an anti-virus, and cannot take the place of an anti-virus.

* MBAM has no security center integration. The security center does nothing productive, there's really no point.

* MBAM's resident protection will prevent installation of most new types of malware, and does so better than anyone else, but it does not scan files in real-time as they execute to make sure that they are clean. That is the role of an anti-virus.

I hope that answers your questions.

Also, for those who do not have a good anti-virus, we always recommend AntiVir from Avira.

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