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Can't click anything or enter any keyboard commands

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My brother just ran Malwarebytes on his laptop to remove what we thought to be win32.zafi.b. It found 18 items after the scan had ended and asked to restart. He clicked "Yes," and the computer began a restart loop. It'd make it to the Gateway boot screen, then the Windows XP splash screen, and start over. After the sixth time or so he elected to manually shut the computer down and attempted to reboot it from there. The startup was partially successful. It asked him to start windows normally (didn't work). He tried again, and chose to run it under the "Last Known Configuration." Now, the computer will start up and allow him to log in under whichever name he wants but after doing so, nothing responds to clicks or keyboard commands. The mouse moves and all but like I said, it can't even highlight stuff and the keyboard becomes totally unresponsive after the login.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Something interfered with the delete on reboot driver.

Click the Start button, go to "All Programs", go to "Accessories", and look for the "On Screen Keyboard" (possibly under 'Accessibility' or "Ease of Access"). Once you have that up, please post the log (copy and paste the contents into a reply) from your run of Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware for me to take a look at.

After posting that log, download HijackThis, run a scan, and copy and paste the log into another reply for me.

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I'm having a similar problem with Vista 64...I ran MalWareBytes (the latest version) and it found 7 items and so asked it to remove them. I rebooted the machine (Dell XPS 430 - 8gb ram) but now the machine is in a reboot loop--it boots to the password screen but within 10 seconds it reboots itself. If I'm quick enough to type the password I get a message to the effect that the user login record wasn't found and then it reboots itself again.

Any thoughts?


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