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Now UPS fires courier for tossing Zappos delivery


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Now UPS fires courier for tossing Zappos delivery

headshots_Chris_Matyszczyk_60x43.jpg by Chris Matyszczyk

December 25, 2011 8:07 PM PST

'Tis the season to be a jolly courier and toss packages with gay abandon.

After the heightened enthusiasm that surrounded a FedEx courier who tossed a Samsung monitor over a rather fetching fence, I bring news of a UPS guy who not only tossed a Zappos package, but also really pulled his finger out: the middle one, which he offered to a security camera.

The footage was reportedly captured December 15 on Long Island. Unlike the FedEx case, where the company declared it would take its recalcitrant employee through a disciplinary process, UPS has been more forthright.

For, according to NBC New York, the company has fired its finger-wagging wag.

"We don't tolerate such conduct," a UPS spokeswoman told NBC.

Perhaps it helped that this gentleman was a seasonal employee and therefore not, perhaps, entitled to a lengthy disciplinary process.

Still, one can only hope that the precious cargo that was sent to you by someone who loves you madly and very deeply wasn't in any way compromised by couriers who either don't like their job--or simply don't like the expensive remodel you've just done on your house.

Source: http://news.cnet.com...appos-delivery/



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Now I know where all those cut and gouges come from in the packages I receive.....

What I really want to hear is the reason behind the guy who threw the package over the fence. From the video, it looks like he could have had an easier time sending the package through the fence vs. over the fence. Would have been allot better way to deliver too and taken less effort... this looks it was just done out of spite!

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