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Malware Removal - Additional Suggestion

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Dear B,

I am grateful for your very prompt response. I had run Quick Scans but they finished normally after about 15 minutes, without detecting the malware. I suspected its presence because my system had been running rather slowly. And when the Full Scan stopped abruptly before finishing, at almost the end of the scan, I realized that my suspicions must be correct.

I had been in the habit of running the Full Scan without monitoring, and then coming back to delete any malware detected. After reading the workarounds in your Help Forum, I decided to run the Full Scan, but to monitor it very closely. After a while (about 37 minutes) an infected file was detected. I aborted the scan, quarantined it and then deleted it. I ran the Full Scan again but this stopped before completion. I realized that the infected file was still operational. I ran another Quick Scan, which detected nothing. Then I rebooted and opened Malwarebytes. I saw that the infected file was still quarantined. This time I deleted it, and I think this was successful.

Late last night I ran several full scans and they were able to go to completion (just under 2 hours is usually needed). I have not looked at Malwarebytes this morning, but just in case the problem reoccurs I downloaded that other file, HJT, that you listed on your forum as being useful for malware detection and deletion.

I really am surprised that I keep picking up malware. I am running your Pro version and also have Spybot and Norton 360. I'm very careful not to click on websites that the Norton Toolbar indicates are not safe. I only download software from reputable sites like FileHippo and CNet. Perhaps they are not so safe after all. Malwarebytes indicated that the infected file was the Gimp Installer, which I had not yet run. At this point of course I'm glad I hadn't.

I am thinking that Norton Toolbar is not as efficient as people would like to think. Perhaps your developers would consider creating a Malwarebytes Toolbar.

Anyway...I just wanted to give you my feedback. I used your forum workarounds and developed my own, derived from the information you provided. Perhaps I will post this on your forum, as others might find it useful.

Best regards,


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I received 12 email notifications that a member named, EvedNeumoumma posted on this thread. I presume that this person spammed the thread, and that Malwarebytes Administration deleted this. Please don't spam this, or any other thread. Nobody likes a spammer or a troll. Thank you.

Yes, that user was a spammer and has been banned (and I personally removed all of the spambot's replies in this thread and several others around the forum) :).

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