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I have this same problem and my firwall only works if turned on manually. Security center is disbled after reboot. Windows update and the running of msconfig were also blocked but I have since resolved those after scouring the net for info. The security center issue (Firewall) seems to be one that no one has come up with a fix for to this point. I am considering running combofix although I am not experienced at reading the results or applying a combofix. Another issue is this thing stopped some of my file associations from working and some of those cannot be repaired. For example start/run wmplayer gives an error 'wmplayer cannot be found' although it is still in the program files/windows mediaplayer folder. The strange part about this one is if a .mp3 or .avi file is left clicked and click on the wmplayer listed there it plays. If the wmplayer.exe file in the folder is double clicked wmplayer opens but is not operational. So, it appears this thing has moved the wmplayer or infested the exe file til it only works if opened a certain way. Anyway, if someone has the answer I would really appreciate knowing what it is.

Happy holidays to all,

CiTiBoY ;)

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