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I have my own server wit the IP's and, after this morning's update those IP's are blocked by malwarebyte.

About 2 months ago I had a compromised website on this server, but since then everything is clean, at least as far as I can find out.

Is it possible to check why these IP's are blocked? And if this is a false postive, that the IP's get de-blocked?



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Thats a pitty.

Can you comment on the fact if my 3 IP's are directly involved, or if it's a network block that is causing this?

Cause if my 3 IP's are directly invloved, I realy would like to know if there is still a problem on my servers.

If it's network related, I won't have to go searching on my own servers to see what is going wrong.

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I'm the owner of Your Internet Service Provider (owner of the IP space). What e-mail address can we contact you to resolve this issue?

It was probably related to,, as we just received a spamhaus report for these IPs. We have terminated this VPS client.

If this was also the reason for this ban, please verify and remove it. Thanks in advance!


Rens Ariens


Mail: info "(*at*)" yisp.nl

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Hmm ... really disappointing that you cannot tell me anything. And that you even won't tell the owner of the IP's why they are blocked.

You keep mentionning "at present", does that mean that in the near future you can tell more? Or will it always be a "mistery" why my IP's are blocked by Malwarebyte?

This way I cannot work with the program at all, it's really frustrating when you get blocked but cannot find out the reason of it. Also it isn't a real advertisement to my clients that my IP's are blocked.

Well I hope that you can tell more in the future.

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