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Best way to reformat PC?


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Hi, I'm a computer newbie. For the past month, my PC has been infected with a virus, cleaned with anti-malware programs, and re-infected again repeatedly. After browsing around for solutions, it seems like I have some "backdoor trojan". So, I've decided I want to reformat and wipe everything clean, making my PC 100% virus free. However, I have a lot of concerns about it. I'm worried that the virus will survive any reformatting as I've heard there are some boot sector viruses. I also don't know the "correct" method of thorough reformatting. I've heard about using disk cleaning utilities, zero filling, boot and nuking, low-level formatting, and manufacturer formatting and I'm not sure the way to go. Also, I lost my OS disk. Can anyone please help me? Thanks so much.

My computer specs are:

Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 2

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Hello and :welcome:

I see you have already posted in the HJT section to help from the experts. Stick with that topic until you are given the all clear and you are no longer infected. Direct any questions to the expert that will be helping you.

You may not need to format your computer, the experts should be able to help you get cleaned up. Once you are cleaned up, you may want to update your Windows XP SP2 to SP3 and get a good antivirus program together with Malwarebytes PRO will help you stay clean.

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