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Malwarebytes on Vista wont stop running

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I have a customer's laptop running Vista. I, with the owner's permission, install Malwarebytes on every PC brought in. I set up malwarebytes to run through Task Scheduler as always with the command /scan -quick. I tested this laptop last night to make sure Task Scheduler started and finished it correctly. When I checked it this morning, Task Scheduler showed Malwarebytes still running. I verified it was still running through Task Manager but the Malwarebytes window was not open. I killed the process with Task Manager. I then opened Task Scheduler again and selected Run to start it manually. Same thing. Task Scheduler shows it running but no Malwarebytes window opens and the mbam.exe process shows running in Task Manager. I then opened a command prompt, navigated to the Malwarebytes folder and manually typed in mbam.exe /scan -quick and Malwarebytes started normally as it should. I am stumped. Is this some fluke with Vista? Anyone got ideas?

Screen prints attached. These are NOT the screen prints from last night. I did these this morning to illustrate the way it was set up and that it seemed to start normally. You'll notice in the Task Manager screen that Malwarebytes appears to be running normally but it never stops unless stopped by killing the process.





One other thing, I also install CCleaner on every PC as well. It runs fine with it's command line options.

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The free version does not allow you to automate scans or updates through the Windows Task Scheduler (its process will remain open/running unless the user closes it by hand, though it should be showing the scanner's GUI unless you used RunAs to set it up to run under a different user's credentials). The scheduler in the PRO version allows for all of this automation through the scheduler in MBAM itself, including automatic removal of threats and silent scans that terminate on their own (and silent scheduled updates as well).

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You're welcome. By the way, you can leave the free version on their PC if you wish since they gave you permission to install it. It's still quite handy to have around. If they don't wish to purchase a lifetime license for the PRO version, that can still run the program manually and update it and scan with it as often as they like and the number of threats it will remove and the number of times it may be used for removal are unlimited so it is quite useful.

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Again, thank you. The reason I set up Malwarebytes and CCleaner to auto run on my customer's PCs is that 99% will never remember to run them manually. My customers PCs are tools of business and their maintenance and upkeep are secondary, hence their need for me! I am a long time user of and highly recommend to all my customers Malwarebytes and CCleaner and will continue to do so. I do need their business but I hate to see anyone's PC compromised thru trojans, malware or virus'. Those jobs I do not want to have to do. Hardware defects, driver faults, corrupt registries, etc are to be expected. No one should have to expect to deal with malware. Keep up the good work and keep Malwarebytes out there!

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Yes, I understand. I have to do the same for my family and friends. I got them all to buy the PRO version and I make sure that Windows Update is set to run automatically etc. to make sure that their systems are secure. Doing cleanup after the fact is a pain, so if I can keep them from getting hit with an infection to begin with, it means I'll get less calls/emails asking for help and they can continue using their PC's for more productive things than cleaning up infections :).

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