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Need Help " windows secuirty 2012 "


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i didnt download this virus or what ever it is so im not sure how it got on a friend did it.. anyways

this is what is happened/is/happening

a " windows securty 2012 unregistered version " think pops ups scans tell me i have all these virus's and need to buy it to remove

wont let me on internet cause im vonerable i tryed moving around it but it wouldnt let me and it would not let me on the internet at all not even if i clicked on the register now LOL....

anyways i went to sleep woke up after reading alot about it last night on my laptop anyways i got back on my pc ended a buncha tasks

and it was letting me on the internet and stopped popping up so much right after this happened i used a disk to reset user passwords

now.. its still here nothing has changed but i can not double click on almost anything! start programs accesserys note pad...

paint anything games solitary nothing happens

so i read somemore i downloaded somethings to help me delete the virus or what ever it is and i can download them but after i download them if i run they dont open if i save they still wont open

going start/run/cmd / Dos wont open nothing will open except for the internet pretty much even the " windows secuirty 2012 " unregistered scanning thing that kept telling me i had 15322352362 virus's will open only at start up now.. and when it closes it stays closed

last night it wouldnt close!

and if i double clicked on ANYTHING it would just pop up saying i wasnt aloud or i couldnt do that... like id click system restore or go to add and remove programs and it would pop up and scan again...

please help..

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