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usb mouse issue


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so iv been recoverying from sugery last few days only today have i had the chance to get on my computer first day iv felt up to it anyway iv noticed today that the usb mouse im using will turn off and back on some times it doesnt even turn back on and i have to unplug it and plug it back in to get it working again

no clue why this just started the laptop been sitting on desk since i had teh sugery iv gone into the power settings for the computer ( the power settings in the software that came with the machine) and turned off the usb selective suspend option but it still does it

the computer plays a noise every time the device turns off and on

by the way the mouse is only a week or 2 old at that

the computer is an alienware m14x and the mouse is the tacical gaming mouse they offered with the machine

everything else is working fine and i have the trackpad turned off so i dont know what else could be causing this issue

only changes made to the computer since the sugery was i downloaded and installed the windows updates that where offered other day

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a place to start :

look through the list of those updates ... see if there was a update for the mouse driver .

if there was ... that may be the problem ... roll back to the previous driver .

i've recently had a little issue with drivers . ;)

if this is not the case , try another mouse on the machine .

if it works ... check with the manufacturer's site for problems .

it may also be that *somehow* the driver has been corrupted ... re-installation of a manufacturer's driver may fix the issue .

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none of the info in the update files says anything bout mouse drivers and when i checked the device manager says the drivers for the mouse is from 2006 (its plug and play) and iv been playing a computer game for hours now and i havnt had it happen since so who knows what the issue was

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good deal that it started working .

"if it aint broke , ya can't fix it"

time will tell .

old drivers ....

yep , it is surprising how old some of the drivers that are in use are .

i have seen a couple that are dated from 2002 .

the odd part is that the rest of the components that came with the machine all have up to date drivers the computers not even a month old yet

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