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BNK.Win32,Keylogger.gen / Eyeveg.f


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This is my first post and my first malware incident. I'm typing this on my unaffected Windows 7 laptop.

My XP SP3 desktop was infected today with the BNK trojan listed above.

Later I saw a small window showing something about Eyeveg.f

I cannot open any web page, including Malwarebytes. I just put a copy of Malwarebytes onto a Flash drive and wondered if there was any chance that I could somehow get that to do a scan of my C drive.

My desktop has no important financial information on it, so that's not my primary concern.

I'm alone, not confident, and cowardly -- starting with the simplest suggestion, what can I do to get rid of the XP 2012 warnings?

How can I get Malwarebytes to work?

I can't find Microsoft Security Essentials, which is the antivirus program that I have on the desktop?

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I have been trying to follow the directions on this page:


I'm not able to get to websites on my infected desktop computer.

I'm working on my not-networked laptop, with a USB flash drive.

I have downloaded and updated malwarebytes to my flash drive.

I changed the .exe to .com and tried to launch, but I only get the message that malwarebytes has been updated and it will now Close and ??? (I've forgotten the word -- install?).

Nothing happens. Nothing happens if I double click mbam.com on the flash drive or on the Backup drive or C-drive on the infected desktop computer.

I don't know if the mbam.com file is in the right directory in any of the three places, or if that matters.

I have not seen the Eyeveg.f window again: http://www.sophos.com/en-us/threat-center/threat-analyses/viruses-and-spyware/W32~Eyeveg-F/detailed-analysis.aspx

Please advise how I can execute the XP 2012 security removal instructions.

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Glad we could help. :)

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