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Hi, hope somebody can give me some advice. I have just inherited a windows xp laptop, i usually use a mac. I have installed AVG free anti virus, and on scanning it says the pc is clean. I then ran malwarebytes free and it detected:

trojan.fakeMS category: file item c:\windows\ie7\iexplore.exe

i clicked remove and restarted the computer, I havent got time right now to run another scan as i need to go to work, but what i am wondering is:

googling this suggests it is difficult to remove. if i rescan and malwarebytes doesnt detect it, am i ok?

since nothing else was detected, does this mean the program has not run/done anything malicious?

Ive only used this computer for a bit of light browsing, the only passwords it had are my hotmail and facebook, which i have changed. Is there anything else i need to do? like to my wireless router?

how much of a threat are trojans, keyloggers etc really? is it all blown up to sell security software?

sorry if these are awful noob questions, i am not used to all this stuff, and the sites i have looked at all seem to be trying to sell me something, im not sure if i can trust them!

hope someone can advise, thanks for your help


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Trojan.FakeMS is a semi general category that usually means its a trojan masquerading as a legit microsoft file.

To get more specific information you could restore the file from quar and upload it to virustotal.com

Could you post the link for the virustotal scan report here?


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Hi, sorry to be so long getting back. I already deleted the file I'm afraid! In general, is that likely to be enough, or is there more I need to do?

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Hard to say without knowing specifics but you should be fine if your av and mbam are clean.

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