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[HELP] Malwarebytes skypping 20,000 instances

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Hi, I'm new to the forums, (instert stuff), and I have to say Malwarebytes has saved me many times. But not this time. Oh, no, it was far off.

I accidentally downloaded a fake antivirus called Vista Antivirus 2012. It was a pain to remove (and I haven't even removed it all).

So, basicaally, it had the whole "fake trojan" jazz that these fake programs dish out, and I was able to nullify it using rkill.exe (its great). I was able to stop the processes, and also locate where the source was coming from; a single .exe file, invisible, in my C: drive. Delete, done, bye bye.

Problem was, I ran Malwarebytes before running rkill, and the virus wasn't removed. In fact, it deleted NOTHING. Zip, nada. So I said, maybe something was troubling Malwarebytes. And sure enough... I watched the "items scanned" number jump from 300 to 20,000 in a blink of an eye. I figured it was the virus tampering with the program, so I started rkill and killed the virus processes. Then I ran Malwarebytes again; no avail.

So heres the big picture; In the end, I removed the virus that was affecting my computer and a proxy server that came with it (I used a combination of rkill and tdds killer for that). But the "items scanned" still skips in the same spot. I have no idea why. I sense it was the virus's "lett over" after it trashed my registery and changed some of the keys; I fear the virus itself changed a key in my computer to make it skip those 17,000 files... and By the way, the files are system files too.

Please help. I've searched everywhere to a solution to this problem. I think Malwarebytes is the only true free antivirus out there, and I really enjoy it. It would be a shame to stop using such a great program.

Any help, really, would be appreciated. I obviously run a windows vista blah blah blah, I don't think my computer credentials will help for this problem. I think its internal.

For those who will help me (thank you in advance if you do :D), I already ran Combofix, dds.scr, tdsskiller, and w4p3gj7p.exe.

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It's pretty normal for MBAM to jump like that during a scan, primarily because most of those entries during that part of the scan are registry items, which are checked extremely quickly.

But if thats normal, why didn't it pick up the Vista Antivirus 2012 problem? And it never skipped this many before....

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