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Lost use of cursor and all navigation ability after removing infection


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I'm not sure if this is the right forum or not. This issue stems from malware, but the infection is no longer present — as I reformatted my computer. This is more of a general computer-related question.

Here's what I need help with. . . .

Last month a rogue security site slipped past my anti-virus protection. Upon what I thought was removal of the infection by MBAM, I rebooted my computer. Upon start up, I discovered that my mouse cursor was no longer working. The arrow keys on my keyboard were also not working. I was not able to do anything on my screen because of that. I couldn't even attempt to do a system restore (or anything) because I had no ability to navigate in order to select choices or to click on anything. I was completely handicapped, so I felt I had no other choice but to reformat.

Last night, the same exact thing happened again. I picked up the same infection again from a threat called XP Antispyware 2012. This is the same infection that I had last month, and the same thing happened again after I cleaned it up and tried restarting my computer. No more use of my mouse or my cursor, nor of my arrow keys. Completely handicapped — again! So I was forced to reformat — again!

What I want to know is if this should ever happen again, is there some way to get the use of my mouse, cursor, or arrow keys back — so that I can use my computer to attempt to finish fixing it?

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until someone with more information/better ideas contributes to this thread ...

"Upon what I thought was removal of the infection by MBAM ..."

did you go through the steps provided by a malware removal expert in the removal section (ie : the HJT section here) ?

while MB is a great program , there are items that need to be addressed "manually" .

the chaps over in that section are able to handle this .

as for loosing the keyboard and mouse functions ...

the fix for this would depend on the exacts of the infection .

again , the experts in the removal section would be the best to go through the steps with ...

the reason being that you can think you have removed an infection but it really has not been completely removed (the stuff is sneaky) .

so , you do all the work and then ... wham ... the infection rears up again .

there is a sequence to follow to prevent this .

i would also question why you got another "nasty infection" that "slipped by" your anti-virus/malware/spyware .

some improvement in this area may be needed .

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