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after closing the composer (blackberry theme studio 6.0)


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hello again guys and gals

i got this message on my screen after opening and closing the composer of blackberry theme studio 6.0

and i pressed (cancel)

does this means any kind of harm to my laptop


p.s how do i (make sure / double check) that i didn't tap allow ?????

(coz i panicked when i saw this)


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Nope, there's no harm in that. Your Blackberry software uses Java and that's just a prompt from the Windows firewall asking if you want to allow Java to communicate with the web. It shouldn't be an issue to have it allowed, but if you want to make sure just do the following:

  • Click on START and click on Control Panel
  • Click on System and Security
  • Click on Allow a program through Windows Firewall
  • In the list that is displayed, you'll likely see an entry there for Java, just make sure that there are no checked boxes next to it if you don't want to allow it access. If any boxes are checked, click on the Change Settings button at the top and uncheck the box or boxes that are checked for it and click on OK

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Not necessarily. In Windows 7 UAC works a bit differently than in Vista, so not all of those shields indicate that a UAC prompt will be shown, as by default, the shield will show up for anything that requires admin privileges, but if it is a setting or function in Windows itself that is being changed (such as allowing a program through the Windows Firewall) by the user (i.e., you), then a UAC prompt will not occur. See the below image:


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