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WHere are you based?

Anthony H

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I'm very impressed with malwarebytes' ability to detect and clean off various malwarey things like spywareguard2009, and detect things that drweb, avast and spybot miss. I'd quite like to start selling malwarebytes full version to our customers, but I really do need to know a bit more about the company. I see there's a post saying you're from all around the world with no particular base, but you must have someone in charge, in some country somewhere!

It's a legal requirement in the UK to have your address (or registered company address), VAT number and some sort of contact details on any official communication, including of course a web site. Especially if you collect VAT.

Apart from anything else, it's more difficult to sell a product where I can't say where it comes from!

So a little bit of background would be useful

Man thanks

Anthony Hegedus

AAH Computer Services


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Regarding your website, can I strongly recommend you ditch the following and just have the correct page showing up?

<script language="JavaScript"><!--window.location="/siteflare/index.php";//--></script>

Those such as myself have Javascript disabled for obvious reasons, so all we see is a blank page :) (you really shouldn't be using this type of thing for a company's homepage and whoever did your website needs a kick in the rear for using it).

I was going to say, I'd be happy to talk to you offline regarding this if you'd like (I know many companies prefer a face to face when it comes to security vendors and such), but you're down the other end of the country from what I can see (Newcastle is miles away from Essex, hehe).

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