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Vista Security 2012 no net no safe mode

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Help. Thursday my Vista Desktop Pc got infected by Vista Security 2012. No net, even safe mode infected with all those pop up windows. Was able to fake out vs2012 by using Safari to download Malwarebytes Trail. Then vs2012 blocked Safari also. Was also able to delete FireFox and run Malwarebytes from my Vista Guest account. MB scan found 3 registry entries for Hijack This IE and FireFox start normal and IE safe mode. Vista Network Wizards say all internet connections good but vs2012 has net bocked in registry. Do not know how to edit registry but have the registry editor build into Vista. Two other home network pcs and two iPods Connect online fine. Vs2012 bocks all running and uninstalling on 3 of my 4 Vista User Accounts plus blocks everything in Safe Mode. Thanks

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