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I am a brand new corporate user. Before I started whining, understand that I LOVE this product...

But, I wanted to ask a question about its use, and was surprised to see there is absolutely nothing in the way of support info, FAQs, a Knowledge Base - nothing. Anything I see in these forums, the answer always seems to be the same: "Send an email to corporate."

I have to write an email to the corporate people, and wait until they are able to reply? Not even a forum where corporate users can exchange info?

Wow - nice way to treat corporate users!

I bought a few licenses to play with the product - want to use it as a supplement to my standard AV offering in my MSP package. If I can't even get a bit of information on its use in a corp environment without going through a slow email exchange with them, what is the incentive to use this product?

(OK, here's where you point out how blind I am and tell me where the corp Knowledge Base is!)

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  • Root Admin

Please check your SPAM filter. I have already replied to your support ticket on the help desk.

Please add the following addresses to your Safe Sender list in email so that a reply can reach you.



You sent email at: Dec-09 2011 06:20 pm

I replied to you at: Dec-09 2011 06:50 pm

If email is too slow for you then can opt to pay for support if you like.

Please see the following post

Thank you.

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