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Stopping spam posts


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Nope, it's not.

Setting this to Advanced (Requires GD library) will help stop the spambots.

Enable Captcha?

"Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart": forces users to input a random code when registering and changing email address, etc to prevent bot's from spamming the forms.

You can actually allow guests to post, simply have this enabled to Advanced:

Guest Posting Bot Control

Do you wish to require guests who post (where allowed) to input a code to confirm their post?

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The bots can get around the captcha, to the bot program maker it was just a blip in the coding of thier systems.

phpBB3 (now at beta5) has the option to add custom fields - and make them, required with defaults and a choice that is considered a failing in the registration.

If IPB have similar do that - it will help - use a question such as - "what it 2 + 2" = give then two answers 2 & 4 - default to 2 and set it to a failing answer.

You can set several of those up on phpBB3 - so we are hopeful that phpBB3 will be able to stop bots 'out of the box'.

So recap - if you have that option available - use it also.

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