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very mad on Email Support

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Previously when I had a problem about malwarebytes antimalware update window I contacted email support . A guy called Bob responded and assisted me nicely.

Now for some weeks I noticed that mbam stopped showing ip block pop-ups. But I waited thinking that it'll be fixed. Then about five days ago I contacted email support.

Tom Mercado responded and he just wasted time and now he says this:

Thanks, we have tried to no avail to replicate this issue and cannot.

But we also didn't install the plethora of security software you have installed either. You've got some oddballs in there and we're not sure which combination to start with and at this time can't justify the man hours in resources to try and determine the exact cause and fix it, especially given there are no other users with the issue.

When the new version is released see if it still happens, maybe it will cure it self with the new code."

Now I'm only using malwarebytes antimalware pro in realtime/on-access. I use sandboxie on demand and only rarely. Everything else is on demand.

I was being nice to him all the time given the fact that I'm the one who paid for malwarebytes antimalware pro and have a problem with this product. But all he has done is this? Being rude?

I'm not gonna give up on this. I will not rest until a solution to my problem is given or at least someone paid a proper attention to it.

So is there anybody who will help me in this forum and kindly explain Tom's behavior.

I want my ip protection back. Now I don't know if malwarebytes antimalware is even functioning correctly or not.

Support ticket #198354

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I've already indicated that this would be pushed to the QA team, thus I see no reason for this post, not to mention we've already expended some time on this to no avail for a cause.

This post is closed and will be handled as we said we would in support by the QA team

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